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Short Term Rehab Facility | Dunedin, FL

Discharged from the Hospital and Not Quite Ready for Home These days, hospital stays are becoming shorter and shorter, often keeping patients only a day or two after surgery. The quick turnaround time is usually considered a good thing because most patients are more comfortable at home. However, in some cases, patients no longer require…Read More

Nursing Home | Dunedin, FL

What a Difference Time Makes – Today’s Nursing Home Ask people what type of pictures come to mind when you mention a nursing home and many people will say things like “hospital beds”, “weird smells”, or “institutional food”. However, today’s nursing home in Dunedin, FL is designed as a place for seniors to make the…Read More

Senior Help | Dunedin, FL

Why Mease Manor Will be Your Best and Last Move Making the decision to move to a retirement community is one of the biggest decisions you will need to make as a senior. Knowing that you will have all of the senior help in Dunedin, FL that you will need makes that decision simpler. Mease…Read More

Long Term Care | Dunedin, FL

What Exactly is Long Term Care and Who Needs It? Individuals needing long term care in Dunedin, FL often have needs that relate to activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living rather than many medical needs. At Mease Manor, we understand those needs and develop personalized plans based on each resident’s needs….Read More

Outpatient Therapy | Dunedin, FL

What You Should Expect from Your Outpatient Therapy Outpatient therapy in Dunedin, FL has never been better than it is at Mease Manor. While we might be known for our retirement living, we also offer a variety of health care services both for our patients and on an outpatient basis. Our therapists work consistently with…Read More

Senior Assisted Living | Dunedin, FL

If it is Time to Consider Assisted Living, Look No Further If the thought of senior assisted living in Dunedin, FL brings to mind older people sitting in small, sterile, hospital-like rooms waiting for hours for medication and mediocre meals, you haven’t checked out Mease Manor. Our residents are our top priority and providing them…Read More

Outpatient Rehab | Dunedin, FL

Outpatient Rehab – Getting You Back on Your Feet Older adults that have recently had an illness, injury, or surgery might find themselves in need of some rehabilitation to regain or strengthen skills and abilities that might have been lost or weakened. Things such as a stroke or joint replacement will most likely require at…Read More

Elder Care Facility | Dunedin, FL

Not All Elder Care Facilities are Created Equal When you think about elder care facilities in Dunedin, FL, you might picture an institution that resembles a hospital. And yes, some of those do exist but these days, elder care is not only for those with health or memory problems. Many seniors are choosing to relocate…Read More

Elder Care | Dunedin, FL

Mease Manor has a Complete Span of Care for Seniors As we age, we might require more services and assistance with our health and lifestyle than we did in younger years. Taking care of all of these things could require multiple trips to multiple places, making it very time consuming and inconvenient. Mease Manor can…Read More

Assisted Living Center | Dunedin, FL

Enhancing Your Life With Assisted Living Mease Manor is an assisted living center in Dunedin, FL. But don’t be fooled by the label of assisted living. Our residents enjoy an enhanced quality of life. We provide opportunities for great food, activities and excursions while offering assistance for any tasks that are difficult for residents to…Read More