Think You Know The Truth About Retirement Communities? Think Again!
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Think You Know The Truth About Retirement Communities? Think Again!

No major life change is ever easy, and that includes retirement. Retirement changes everything about our daily lives. It may also mean it is time to make a move. But with so many misconceptions about retirement communities out there, many seniors are missing out on an opportunity to make the most out of their retirement. You might have some ill-conceived notions of what a retirement community is, but a little research into the facts can quickly dispel those myths. Here are three common myths associated with retirement communities:

Living In A Retirement Community Will Be Boring

Many seniors worry about boredom during retirement. You’ve spent most of your life working and raising a family, and it seems like time flew by. But what will you do once you retire? This is a very normal concern for someone facing retirement to have. But when you live in a retirement community the possibilities are endless. We design retirement communities with the unique needs of retirees in mind. Mease Manor Retirement Community offers a full calendar of activities and events throughout the year to keep our residents entertained and busy. We also have a great location – giving you the independence to fill your days with the activities you want.

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I’m Too Young To Live In A Retirement Community

Maybe when you hear the words retirement community you think of the nursing home or assisted living facilities your parents or grandparents lived in. But today’s retirement communities are much more than an “old-folks home”. We call them retirement communities because we have designed them to provide a fulfilling life from the beginning of retirement! If you wait until you are “old enough” to move to a retirement community, you may not get to take advantage of all the activities and independent living options the community has to offer.

I’ll Know When It’s The Right Time To Move To A Retirement Community

If you believe this common misconception, then you probably also think the “right time” isn’t until you have no option other than to live in a retirement community. This isn’t true. There are so many things to enjoy and benefits to attain by moving to a retirement community. But if you don’t look into your options, you won’t know what you’re missing out on until it’s too late. Deciding to downsize, leave your family home, and move to a retirement community isn’t an easy choice to make. But it is often the right choice for seniors entering retirement. We rarely realize the increased risk of harm we face within our own homes as we age. At Mease Manor we designed our retirement  community specifically with the needs seniors have for safety and security in mind, while also providing the luxury of home.

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Mease Manor Retirement Community Gives Seniors The Living Options They Need To Enjoy Retirement They Way They Want

At Mease Manor, seniors get all the benefits of an assisted living community while still being able to maintain their own independence. We provide our residents with resort style living options that allow you to live independently but also have access to care when needed. Contact us online or call us at 727-738-3000 to schedule an appointment for your personal tour of our community. We look forward to showing you everything we have to offer!