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Short Term Rehab Facility | Dunedin, FL

Discharged from the Hospital and Not Quite Ready for Home

These days, hospital stays are becoming shorter and shorter, often keeping patients only a day or two after surgery. The quick turnaround time is usually considered a good thing because most patients are more comfortable at home. However, in some cases, patients no longer require the 24-hour care of doctors and nurses but are not able to stay at home alone due to mobility or self-care issues. If you or a loved one find yourself in need of care in between the hospital and home, Mease Manor can be your short term rehab facility in Dunedin, FL.

While sometimes outpatient rehabilitation can be beneficial, often a stay at our short term rehab facility in Dunedin, FL can ease the transition to home by helping patients regain their pre-illness or injury strength and skills. Our staff consists of physical, occupational, and speech therapists that focus their care on seniors. This focus allows them to understand and implement the types of therapies that are most successful.

When you are placed in our short term rehab facility in Dunedin, FL, our occupational therapists will assist you with tasks and skills that are a part of your daily living. Our speech therapists will work with you to improve any communication skills that were lost due to your illness or injury. Our physical therapists will stretch and strengthen your muscles so that any physical abilities that were lost or limited are improved as much as possible.

When the hospital says you are ready to be discharged but you are unable to stay alone in your home, Mease Manor is a short term rehab facility in Dunedin, FL that offers physical, occupational, and speech therapies to seniors. Our staff is here to make your stay comfortable and productive so that you are prepared to get back to independent living as soon as possible.