Health and Wellness Center At Mease Manor Provides Physical, Social, And Emotional Support
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Health and Wellness Center At Mease Manor Provides Physical, Social, And Emotional Support

Not only does the Health and Wellness Center at Mease Manor provide exercise equipment and fitness classes, but it is a favorite gathering spot for socializing with residents who have a common goal: healthy aging!

As published in the academic health literature, exercise increases endorphins and strengthens neurotransmitters that increase a sense of wellbeing while decreasing symptoms of aging like memory loss, arthritis, high LDL cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

Likewise, socialization has been proven to slow memory loss, and cardio exercise has been proven to improve everything from anxiety and depression to enhancing the ability to get a good night’s sleep.  All are important factors to prevent premature aging and illnesses.

Fitness classes are available five (5) days a week at the Health and Wellness Center, and classes include everything from instructor-led “chair” yoga, stretching, balance training, and even a video-based (Wii) golf program.   Residents love to reward themselves and relax after their workout at Jonie’s Juice Joint.

For Mease Manor residents who seek social and emotional support, the Health and Wellness Center features seminars that focus on topics like, “Just Let It Go,” which is focused on acceptance of life changes and loss while providing strategies for grief support and positive mental attitude.

Other resources in the Health and Wellness Center include nutritional and medical seminars that cover topics from alternative medicine and nutriceuticals to pain management and chiropractic care.  A health and wellness library and information center is provided for residents who want to dive deeper into better understand wellness and healthy aging.