Mease Manor Offers Individualized Dementia Care For The People Of Palm Harbor And Dunedin
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Mease Manor Offers Individualized Dementia Care For The People Of Palm Harbor And Dunedin

Family members and those closest to Dementia Care residents are strongly encouraged to help create a comprehensive plan that will include everything from individual dietary likes and dislikes to favorite activities to personal history to include residents’ education, skills, and talents.

Understanding the resident’s personal history greatly enhances the bonding between patient and caregiver at Mease Manor  that prides itself on a culture that allows seniors to age with dignity where each resident is viewed and cared for as an individual.

Often, long term memory remains intact after short-term memory becomes a challenge for Dementia Care patients, so conversations between residents and their Mease Manor caregivers are greatly enhanced when staff are able to engage patients about where they grew up or what their favorite hobby was when they were younger.

The memory loss of Dementia Care patients is not the only challenging aspect of their disorder.  It is not unusual that other sensory factors like taste and smell change in persons with Alzheimer’s and related dementias.  Accordingly, staff are trained to accommodate residents’ personal tastes as long as they are consistent with their nutritional needs.

Medications also can change residents’  appetites, so staff are trained to make note of any behavioral changes and report them to medical staff.  As well, staff remain vigilant about behavior changes that could occur from common dietary ingredients like salt or caffeine which could improve or exacerbate symptoms.  

The kitchen is open to Dementia Care residents throughout the day, and the caregiving team happily provides assistance with snack preparation when residents are ready to eat.  Occasionally, residents get their days and nights mixed up or have trouble sleeping; Mease Manor makes every attempt to accommodate special snack requests.