What You Should Expect From Your Outpatient Therapy
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What You Should Expect From Your Outpatient Therapy

Outpatient therapy in Dunedin, FL has never been better than it is at Mease Manor. While we might be known for our retirement living, we also offer a variety of health care services both for our patients and on an outpatient basis. Our therapists work consistently with seniors and develop plans to meet the needs of each individual patient. Our on-site therapy coordinator and highly trained therapy staff will work with you and your family, if necessary, to get you what you need to be back to full strength.

At occupational outpatient therapy in Dunedin, FL, you can expect assistance in getting you back to doing the everyday tasks you were previously performing on your own. If you have had an illness such as a stroke, you might need this type of therapy to perform daily living tasks such as getting dressed, writing, or household chores.

The speech therapists at Mease Manor are ready to assist patients that are having trouble communicating, often times due to a stroke. Being able to communicate effectively is an important part of living independently.

Physical therapy is often discussed the most and can be needed as a result of injury, illness, or after a surgical procedure such as a hip or knee replacement. While many times the need for physical therapy in seniors is best accomplished in an inpatient setting, some patients are willing and able to participate in outpatient therapy in Dunedin, FL at Mease Manor. During physical therapy, patients use stretches, weights, and exercises to build up weakened or damaged muscles with the goal of getting you back to your pre-condition use.

If you are in need of outpatient therapy in Dunedin, FL, contact Mease Manor to schedule pre-admission screening to see if our therapy programs will be a good fit for you.