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What A Difference Time Makes – Today’s Nursing Home

Ask people what type of pictures come to mind when you mention a nursing home and many people will say things like “hospital beds”, “weird smells”, or “institutional food”. However, today’s nursing home in Dunedin, FL is designed as a place for seniors to make the most out of life rather than a place to end it. Mease Manor has designed its facilities and programs to give residents the quality of life that they deserve.

While today’s nursing home in Dunedin, FL does staff nurses and other staff to meet the physical needs of residents, it also employs recreation leaders, activity directors and coordinators, and chefs to enhance the resident experience. This additional staff helps provide a healthy and vibrant lifestyle for as long as the resident is able to participate. The days of simply sitting around in a hospital bed watching television have been replaced by exercise and social gatherings.

Patients placed in dangerous situations and treated poorly are also thoughts of nursing homes past. At Mease Manor, a nursing home in Dunedin, FL, we put our residents’ care and safety first. We are located in a non-evacuation zone in the event of a hurricane. Our buildings are also equipped with smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, and updated emergency systems. Security personnel are also onsite for our residents’ protection.

Mease Manor strives to provide an exceptional level of care that changes the thinking of what a nursing home in Dunedin, FL looks like. Our residents are like family and that is how we care for them. Don’t settle for care that does not meet the needs of you or your loved one. Care is not one size fits all. Contact us to discuss your specific situation and see if our style of nursing home in Dunedin, FL is a good fit.