Living Your Best Life: What Seniors Can Do To Avoid Boredom During Their Retirement Years
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Living Your Best Life: What Seniors Can Do To Avoid Boredom During Their Retirement Years

Many of us spend years thinking of retirement and waiting for the time when we will sit back and relax only to find that in retirement the last thing we want to do is kick back and relax. Boredom in retirement is a problem faced by many seniors, a problem that can lead to serious health issues such as anxiety and depression. But retirement doesn’t have to be a time filled with lounging around watching TV and filled with boredom. Here are a few tips to help you avoid boredom during your retirement years:

Find Your Essential Self

Remember when you were a child and you had wild dreams of what your career and life would look like before the pressures of family, teachers, and society bogged you down into a stable career? For many of us, that child still lives deep within us and is a key to finding our essential selves. Our essential selves often have dreams and goals that we push aside – things we have always wanted to do but didn’t have the time to commit to it such as learning to play an instrument, learning to draw or paint, or even getting a degree. Retirement is the perfect time to take advantage of all your time and to use it focused on the things you have always wanted to do.

Immerse Yourself Into The Community

Many seniors find retirement the perfect time to immerse themselves into their community and to give back. You can use this time to volunteer for a cause you are passionate for or to take up pro-bono work using the skills you have gained throughout your career. A 2016 Federal Reserve Study found that one-third of retirees eventually reconsider retirement and return to work on at least a part-time basis. If returning to work is unnecessary financially and you are doing it just to keep busy in retirement, then this is the perfect time to fill your calendar with volunteer or pro-bono work opportunities instead. Consider volunteering for your local animal shelter, schools, non-profit organizations, or any charities you are passionate about.

Use Your Passions & Skills To Create A Lifestyle Business

Do you have a hobby you enjoy and could push to the next level by starting your own business? Maybe you love taking pictures and could start a photography business? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to write but never seemed to have the time? Retirement is the perfect time to explore the hobbies you are most passionate about and to consider creating a lifestyle business around those hobbies. A lifestyle business is focused more on sustaining the personal income of the business’ owner rather than being focused on maximizing revenue and creating a sustainable work/life balance with the freedom and flexibility to work when you want to from where you want to. Lifestyle businesses give retirees the perfect opportunity to continue to feel fulfilled through work while also enjoying their retirement and doing the things they want.

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