Mease Manor Has A Complete Span Of Care Options For Seniors
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Mease Manor Has A Complete Span Of Care Options For Seniors

As we age, we might require more services and assistance with our health and lifestyle than we did in younger years. Taking care of all of these things could require multiple trips to multiple places, making it very time consuming and inconvenient. Mease Manor can provide multiple levels of elder care in Dunedin, FL.

You might not be ready to become a permanent resident, but you might find yourself in need of outpatient or inpatient therapy for rehabilitation. Our facility can provide outpatient physical, occupational, or speech therapy as directed by your doctor. If going directly to your residence after an illness or injury is not possible, Mease Manor offers short-term rehabilitative therapy while you continue to recover in our facility. These levels of elder care in Dunedin, FL are designed to get you back on your feet.

Our next level of elder care in Dunedin, FL includes short-term skilled nursing for illnesses or injuries that prevent you from returning home and caring for yourself. Our long-term skilled nursing is available for those whose illness or injury prevents them from returning home. Our staff provides quality and licensed skilled nursing care for whatever time you need.

Discussing elder care in Dunedin, FL would not be complete without mentioning memory care. Seniors sometimes find themselves living with dementia or Alzheimer’s and struggle to maintain an independent lifestyle. At Mease Manor, our goal is to provide our memory care residents with lives as full and healthy as possible.

At Mease Manor, a nurse is on staff at all times and our on-site clinics offer seniors the opportunity to see doctors without traveling to an offsite location.

Contact Mease Manor today to discuss your needs for elder care in Dunedin, FL. We are here to answer all of your questions to see if Mease Manor is the right fit for your situation.