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As people enter retirement they often wonder if they should move to a retirement community or thinking about the possibility of needing nursing home or assisted living care in the future. Most people prefer to maintain their independence for as long as possible. However, it is important to know there is a difference between living independently and being lonely. In fact, a study done on more than 3,000 Americans between the ages of 57 and 85 found that those who lived alone were more likely to socialize with friends or neighbors than those who were married and living with a spouse.

The Need For Connection

The need to feel loved and wanted is a basic human need we all have. Everyone desires social interactions and engagements from those we love and care for. Those who feel they are more connected to friends and family also live longer, healthier, and happy lives. However, simply living with someone does not mean we are getting the social interactions we desire, just as living alone does not mean we are not getting the social interactions we need.

The Advantage Of Independent Living

Many seniors move to a retirement community after they retire. A retirement community provides you with a community lifestyle in which you maintain your own independence but are also surrounded by like-minded individuals who are experiencing the same stage of life you are. Retirement communities also usually offer a busy calendar of social events and activities that seniors can use to fill their days. Because seniors no longer have to fill their days with work and caring for a family, this is often a great way for seniors to find activities they enjoy and connect with a group of friends who enjoy the same activities.

Mease Manor recognizes the importance of our residents maintaining their independence for as long as they can while also being provided the opportunity to remain connected to friends, family, and other loved ones. Therefore our independent senior living community places a large value on the involvement of our residents’ families and on our residents remaining active and engaged within the community. Independent senior living provides retirees the ability to live in their own private apartment space while also living among other seniors who they can socialize and interact with and having access to any care they may need in the future.

Come Witness The Benefit Of Independent Senior Living For Yourself At Mease Manor

We would love to show you and your family everything we offer to keep you active, engaged, and connected in our community! To schedule your personal tour of Mease Manor Retirement Community contact us online or call us at 727-738-3000. We have options to meet every senior living need – from independent living to assisted living, we provide the best senior living options in the Dunedin area. We look forward to showing you all Mease Manor has to offer and welcoming you as a part of our community!

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