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So you’ve reached your retirement and now you have to decide whether to downsize and move or stay in your current home. Overall you’re healthy so you may think you need not move to a retirement community just yet. But do you know all the benefits retirement communities provide that help keep their residents healthy? Retirement communities like Mease Manor are not your average “old folks home”. Instead, they are communities that we built intentionally around the unique needs we have as we age. Retirement communities provide a way for you to maintain the healthy, independent lifestyle you want in a safe environment. Here are a few of the ways these communities are keeping seniors healthier than ever before:

Convenient Access To Healthcare Professionals When Needed

The most obvious way a retirement community benefits your overall health is by providing convenient and immediate access to the healthcare professionals you need, when you need them. But there may be more to the access to care than you realize. Many seniors think their access to care within a retirement community is limited to high levels of specialized care such as skilled nursing and assisted living. But retirement communities are much more than a traditional nursing home. Many residents live independently but still use the community’s access to healthcare professionals such as nurses, nurse practitioners, primary care providers, and rehabilitation specialists. This access ensures you can attain a continuum of care all under one roof!

Learn More About Our Senior Health Care Options

Endless Opportunities For Socialization 

While there is plenty of debate about what helps seniors maintain their health, one area researches strongly agree on is socialization. Maintaining an active and engaging social life helps seniors maintain both their cognitive and physical health. The desire to feel needed and accepted is a basic human need. Seniors who have active social lives live longer, healthier, and happier. Retirement communities like Mease Manor provide a full calendar of events and endless opportunities for you to socialize and engage with like-minded peers. We even offer a weekly complimentary happy hour and music every Thursday afternoon!

Fitness & Nutritional Benefits

We all know that diet and exercise are two of the most important factors to maintaining overall physical and mental health. Retirement communities offer their residents many nutritional and fitness benefits all in one place. Mease Manor provides our residents the benefit of fine dining conveniently located right on-site. Our residents have access to a complimentary continental breakfast and a full restaurant-style dining room. Our chef frequently rotates his menus with the special needs of our residents in mind. We also have an on-site wellness center where residents can exercise and socialize by taking advantage of group classes. We have fitness classes available five days a week!

Learn More About Our Fitness & Nutritional Benefits

Resort Style Senior Living In Beautiful Dunedin, Florida

At Mease Manor Retirement Community we are committed to providing both the lifestyle and care needs each of our residents need to live their absolute best. We provide resort style senior living options to meet every senior living need – from independent living to assisted living, we provide the best senior living options in the Dunedin area. Contact us online or call us at 727-738-3000 to schedule your personal tour today and come see all the benefits our community has to offer!   

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