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We all know that children need a lot of love, comfort, and support. But this need for connection is not one that diminishes as we age. No matter what our age, socialization is a basic human need. The desire to feel we belong and are accepted follows us throughout our lifetime. And seniors are no exception. Research has shown that seniors who have active, healthy social lives are also happier, healthier, and more likely to live longer than those who do not have an active social life. There are so many benefits to an active social life in our senior years. Here we will discuss how a healthy social life impacts our overall well-being.

Socialization Plays A Large Role In Preventing Cognitive Decline

The connection between socialization and cognitive health is one of the most important reasons for seniors to maintain an active social life. Research shows that consistent positive social interactions helps mentally stimulate the mind. This keeps our brains sharp and actively engaged. These benefits help prevent cognitive decline such as memory loss, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other forms of mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression. When seniors stop socializing, they can quickly begin to feel lonely and isolated, especially if they are not surrounded by family. An idle social life leaves our mind open to cognitive decline that can take form and set in quickly.

Benefits Of Socialization To Physical Health & Wellness

One of the most common ways seniors maintain their social lives is to participate in group exercise classes. By doing this, they are getting the cognitive benefits of socialization while also getting the physical health benefits of the exercise. Consistent exercise has been shown to increase lifespan, improve overall mood, and decrease the risk of several chronic health conditions. Cognitive health is closely linked to our overall physical health and well-being. Individuals who suffer cognitive decline also suffer physical ailments along with it. Because socialization is one of the best ways to maintain cognitive health, it is also one of the best ways to maintain physical health.

Ideas To Help You Maintain A Healthy Social Life During Retirement

While socialization in retirement is important, it isn’t always easy. Physical ailments, mobility issues, the death of a spouse or other close loved ones, and less access to peers in our daily environment are all obstacles seniors face in maintaining an active social life. Here are a few ideas to help you maintain a healthy social life during your retirement:

  • Volunteer within your community
  • Take a class to learn a new hobby
  • Take group lessons at your local gym
  • Become an active member within your church
  • Take part in activities and events hosted by your retirement community
  • Maintain strong relationships with children, grandchildren, and other family members

Retirement communities like Mease Manor provide seniors with a diverse selection of social activity options. Our full calendar of activities keeps our residents happy, healthy, and engaged.

Resort Style Senior Living In Beautiful Dunedin, Florida

At Mease Manor Retirement Community we are committed to providing both the lifestyle and care needs each of our residents need to live their absolute best. We provide resort style senior living options to meet every senior living need – from independent living to assisted living, we provide the best senior living options in the Dunedin area. Contact us online or call us at 727-738-3000 to schedule your personal tour today and see what the best senior living is about!  

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