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Assisted Living Center | Dunedin, FL

Enhancing Your Life With Assisted Living

Mease Manor is an assisted living center in Dunedin, FL. But don’t be fooled by the label of assisted living. Our residents enjoy an enhanced quality of life. We provide opportunities for great food, activities and excursions while offering assistance for any tasks that are difficult for residents to complete on their own. All the fun and none of the fuss!

There is always something going on at our assisted living center in Dunedin, FL. To help keep our residents moving, we provide a variety of exercise classes that residents are encouraged to participate in. The classes are provided in a group setting and are also a great way to socialize and meet new friends.

Once you are warmed up and stretched out, you are ready to participate in other activities such as group excursions that might include dining out and shopping or learning opportunities that are geared toward our residents’ interests and needs. Our assisted living center in Dunedin, FL encourages our residents to participate in any or all of the activities offered.

Although eating might not be considered an activity, dining at Mease Manor, our assisted living center in Dunedin, FL, might just become one of your favorite things to do! Our staff strives to provide residents with delicious meals that also happen to be healthy. However, even though a balanced diet is our goal, we understand the need for a treat and take pride in our mouth-watering desserts. Strawberry shortcake anyone? (Don’t worry – we will work it off at our exercise class!)

Our goal at Mease Manor is to offer you or your loved one an exceptional living experience when living alone is no longer an option. Our assisted living center in Dunedin, FL handles day-to-day tasks so you can spend time doing the things you enjoy.